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EASY TOWER. Age 2006 (CE marked). Casing-in machine.


EASY  TOWER. Age 2006 (CE marked). Casing-in machine with Computer set-up. Maximum working size of mm. 350 x 420 x 70

Technical Data

EASY  TOWER. Age 2006 (CE marked).

It’s made by Tecnograf (Italy). Casing-in machine with one blade, Computer for Automatic set-up.

Maximum working size, mm. 350 x 420 x 70; minimum of mm. 100 x 100 x 6.

Books per hour, 200 / 300.

It’s delivery is connected in flow line with building-in machine (pressing unit) mod. Easy Press SR (age 2006).

It’s actually dismantled and stored, it only needs to be cleaned and adjusted (we can do these works with separate offer).

We guarantee the immediate availability of all spare parts and technical assistance for software and hardware.


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